Electrical Measuring Quantities

Our Service in the calibration laboratory for Electricity

Based on our long-time experiences we offer accredited calibration services for electrical measuring quantities according to ISO/IEC 17025 with DAkkS calibration certificate.

Our range of services includes the DAkkS calibration of:


Electrical measuring quantities

of your reference and working standards as well as measuring equipment and electrical sources (digital and analogue type)

DC Voltage
Measuring devices: 0 V – 1100 V
Sources: 0 V – 10000 V
DC Current
Measuring devices: 10 µA – 20 A
Sources: 20 µA – 200 A
Current clamps: 3,2 A – 1000 A
DC Resistance
Measuring devices (fix values): 1 mOhm – 1 TOhm
Measuring devices: 1 Ohm – 1,1 GOhm
Sources: 2 Ohm – 20 GOhm
Standard resistors: 1 mOhm – 100 MOhm
Standard resistors with lowest uncertainties


AC Voltage
Measuring devices: 1 mV – 1100 V
Sources: 1 mV – 10000 V
AC Current
Measuring devices: 29 µA – 20 A
Sources: 20 µA – 20 A
Current clamps: 3,2 A – 1000 A
Measuring devices: 0,19 nF – 110 mF

Oscilloscope quantities


Vertical deflection (amplitude): 1 mV – 200 V
Horizontal deflection (period): 500 ps – 10 µs
Band width: 50 kHz – 3,2 GHz
Rise time: 250 ps – 5 ns


We calibrate for you:

  • multimeters, multifunction calibrators, oscilloscopes
  • standard resistors, resistance decades
  • pH meters (electrical calibration)
  • Equipment for the periodic inspection on electrical safety according to DIN VDE 701-702, DIN VDE 0100-0105 und VDE 0751-1(IEC DIN EN 62353), and others


On-site calibration

Your measuring equipment is permanently in use and the delivery to a calibration laboratory is not possible due to technical or temporal reasons?

Our experienced on-site team comes directly to your place. In this way, you save yourself unnecessarily long downtimes and have a competent contact person directly on site.

We also calibrate your temperature measurement equipment directly on-site in your workspaces and facilities, depending on the technical requirements, according to accredited calibration procedures (DAkkS).


Our complete range of calibration services, including expanded measuring uncertainties, can be found in the Annex to accreditation certificate (D-K-15186-01-01).

Calibration with certificate (not part of accreditation scope)

  • Stop watches
  • Tachometer, optical
  • Frequency measuring instruments / frequency generators
  • Simulation of electrical circuits, e.g. for temperature, relative humidity, electrolytic conductivity, …
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