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Measurement Uncertainty:

For the evaluation of a measurement result, the indication of the associated measurement uncertainty is essential.

„The measurement uncertainty is a parameter assigned to the measurement result, which characterizes the scattering of the values that can reasonably be assigned to the measurand.“ (International Vocabulary of Metrology – VIM)

Do you need support in setting up a measurement uncertainty budget for your measurement methods?

We help you!

  • Training on the general principles of measurement uncertainty according to GUM (Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement), EA / 4-02.
  • Subject-specific training on measurement uncertainty tailored to your concrete problem

Quality Management:

Do you need support in quality management?

We help you!

In order to secure and improve the work results for your processes, it is necessary to further develop the existing quality management system using normative specifications (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, DIN EN ISO ISO/IEC 17025, FDA etc.) in the context of continuous improvement. Based on your current status, we offer you the following services:

  • Quality management training / education based on the ISO 9000-family of standards
  • Quality management training / education based on ISO / IEC 17025
  • Evaluation of your quality management system as part of pre-assessments

Technical requirements of ISO / IEC 17025:

Do you require support in the area of technical requirements of ISO / IEC 17025?

We help you!

The introduction of new products or the optimization of existing production processes is always associated with metrological issues. The team of ZMK & ANALYTIK GmbH offers to benefit from their metrological knowledge and to share their experiences.

Based on your current status, we offer you the following services:

  • Training on the technical requirements for physical quantities: mass, solid density, balances, volume, pressure, torque, temperature, relative humidity, electricity, dimensional quantities (gauge blocks, length measuring equipment)
  • Training / education on the technical requirements for the chemical quantities: pH, electrolytic conductivity, viscosity, liquid density, hydrometer.
  • The training includes both a theoretical and a practical part
  • Evaluation of the technical requirements in the context of pre-assessments

The basis for this metrological service is our scope of accreditation according to the annex to our current Accreditation Certificate (D-K-15186-01-01) und our current Accreditation Certificate (D-K-15186-01-02).