Our Service in the calibration laboratory for Torque

Based on our long-time experiences we offer accredited calibration services for the measuring quantity torque according to ISO/IEC 17025 with DAkkS calibration certificate.


Our range of services includes the calibration of:


Setting and indicating hand torque tools according to DIN EN ISO 6789


in the range of 0.6  N ·m to 1000 N·m


Our calibration device for hand torque tools consists of two drive units with multi-range sensors for right and left torques. It has the necessary metrological properties as well as drive methods to handle the calibration of hand torque tools according to DIN EN ISO 6789-2. At the same time, the calibration device enables the automatic execution of calibrations, whereby the operator influence is minimized.


Calibration devices for hand torque tools according to DKD-R 10-8


in the range of 0.6 N ·m to 1000 N·m


Torque testers are used for quick and easy testing of hand torque tools in industrial processes. The calibration of torque testers is performed using high-quality transfer torque wrenches.

Our calibration laboratory has a large number of transfer and working standards and thus ensures the metrological traceability to the National Standard, which is preserved in the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB).

Our complete range of calibration services, including expanded measuring uncertainties, can be found in the Annex to accreditation certificate (D-K-15186-01-02).

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