Our services in the calibration laboratory for volume

The gravimetric calibration of volumetric instruments is a focal point of the national and international committee work of ZMK & ANALYTIK GmbH.

Together with the manufacturers the calibration guidelines DKD-R 8-1, DKD-R 8-2 and DKD-R 8-3 were developed, which are nationally and internationally together with the DIN EN ISO 8655 the accreditation basis. On the basis of our long-term experiences we provide accredited calibration services according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 with DAkkS calibration certificate for the measuring quantity volume.


Our range of services includes the calibration of:


Piston-operated volumetric apparatus according to DKD-R 8-1, DKD-R 8-2 and DKD-R 8-3*

  • Single channel piston pipettes with fixed and variable volume (DKD-R 8-1)
  • Multi-channel piston pipettes (DKD-R 8-1)
  • Hand dispensers, Multiple-delivery dispensers (DKD-R 8-2)
  • Single stroke dispensers, Piston burettes (DKD-R 8-3)
  • Mikro syringes

of all manufacturers with small measuring uncertainties in the range from 1 µL to 200 mL (nominal volume) for piston-operated volumetric apparatus

*under consideration of the relevant parts of DIN EN ISO 8655


Volumetric glassware

  • Volumetric flasks (adjusted as to contain „In“)
  • Measuring cylinders / Mixing cylinders (adjusted as to contain „In“)
  • Bulb pipettes (adjusted as to deliver „Ex“)
  • Graduated pipettes (adjusted as to deliver „Ex“)
  • Burettes for liquids (adjusted as to deliver „Ex“)


Of all manufacturers with small measuring uncertainties in the range from


0,1 mL to 10 L for volumetric glassware


Our complete range of calibration services, including expanded measuring uncertainties, can be found in the Annex to accreditation certificate (D-K-15186-01-02).

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